Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)

Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)



Something about the top sliding easily into the bottom and the bottom being so wet and loose it’s just !! So hot to me !! Atsumu that’s so fucking wet with lube and spit and stretched to perfection that Osamu’s cock just slides right in and out !!!

It’s so wet and SO messy Osamu can’t help but tease Atsumu, his dick almost missing with every thrust because it’s that slippery!! “You’re so damn wet it feels like im fuckin’ a pussy.” Osamu growls, slamming into that wet heat that welcomes him right back

Atsumu just moans, his own dick splurging precum over his abs as the wet, squelching sounds of Osamu driving into his ass fill in the room and drown Atsumu’s shaky breaths

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