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If you're skinny fat and want to get JACKED, read this

By "skinny fat" I'm referring to somebody with • Narrow shoulders • Fat around your waist • Low muscle mass percentage • High body fat percentage • Low testosterone levels • An unathletic body Tick these boxes? You're skinny fat. Follow these 10 steps to get jacked.

1. Slight Calorie Deficit Skinny fat individuals should not be heavily "cutting" or "bulking". Instead, eat in a slight calorie deficit to lose fat while building muscle. Eat 300 calories below maintenance. Use an online calorie calculator to estimate your maintenance level.

2. Eat More Protein Skinny fat individuals need more protein so they can build muscle while dropping fat. Aim for 1g protein per LB bodyweight. 180 LBs = 180g protein per day Split this up throughout the day as this will aid in muscle building and protein synthesis (MPS).

3. Stick To Whole Foods Nutrient-dense whole foods work best for skinny fat individuals. These will reduce inflammation and are more thermogenic than processed junk. Meat, fish, eggs, grains, potatoes, fruits and vegetables are great options. Cut the fast-food and Uber eats.

4. Minimize Sugar Intake Sugar causes inflammation, increases your appetite and reduces your testosterone levels. It is also highly addictive and will be a contributor to why you are skinny fat. Keep processed sugar to a minimum. Sugar from whole fruits is fine.

5. Prioritize Lifting You should aim to lift 3-5x per week consistently. Your training is going to be the biggest driver of muscle building. Spend 80% of your time lifting weights. Spend 20% of your time doing cardio. Too much cardio will keep you skinny. Weights = muscle.

6. Progressive Overload Aim to get stronger on your compound lifts each week. Focus on the "big 5" • Squat • Bench • Deadlifts • Rows • Overhead Press Track these lifts and aim to lift more sets, reps + weight. Higher volume training is best for skinny fat individuals.

7. Lift In The 6-15 Rep Range Stick to lifting with moderate to high intensity. This means lifting in the 6-15 rep range. Lift in the 6-10 rep range for compounds. 10-15 rep range for isolations. This is the most optimal to increase muscle mass if you're skinny fat.

8. Sleep 7-8 Hours You have zero chance of building muscle if your body is not recovered. Poor recovery will increase cortisol (stress hormone) and prevent you from cutting fat. More sleep = higher recovery = more chance to build muscle and cut fat.

9. Avoid Alcohol Many people are "skinny fat" because they drink excessively. Alcohol is empty calories with no nutritional benefit to your body. Less alcohol will: • Improve sleep • Increase training performance • Reduce unnecessarily cals • Increase testosterone levels

10. Consistency It's going to take you at least 6 months to change your body composition. This is not a quick fix. Be consistent with the above 9 steps. Within a year you will be leaner, more muscular and on the path to getting jacked. Be patient and trust the process.

I'm looking to help 3 entrepreneurs or high performers: • Drop 20 LBs of fat • Gain 5-10 LBs of muscle • Skyrocket their energy levels In 3 hours per week and without a restrictive diet. ? Want in? DM me. ? (Not free)

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