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“Disruption of the blood-brain barrier due to long COVID” /🧵 #LongCovid #notrecovered

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El Totalitario

LAS "LEYES FASCISTÍSIMAS" (1925-1928): EL PASO DE ITALIA LIBERAL A LA ITALIA TOTALITARIA. Hilo 👇 Contexto histórico: Tras la Marcha so...

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Abir Ballan

Knowing whether you've been lied to or not is very important for deciding whether you should be angry or not? Turning a blind eye to the ...

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General Tiago

The fascism of the 21st Century isn´t characterized by swastikas and anti-semitism, it ´s represented by "european values", "liberal demo...

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Matt Taibbi


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Amy 🪄

Flames; a #taekookau “You have the choice, prince,” Jungkook's eyes gleam, the light from the kukri reflecting on his eyes while it sta...

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Jikkyleaks 🐭

VINTAGE CHEESE 🧀🧀🧀 Once you realise that there is no biological reason for different codon optimisations to produce the exact same pr...

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Jeremy Raper

I promised a cpl updates on names I've tweeted about historically, to update you all on how I'm thinking about them. will try to keep com...

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John Doe

Ever since we have been reading DMs from both genders, how many times have you seen DMs sent by women, explaining how they were dealt wit...

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@jon_d_doe Women and secrecy ehh... When u don't know, they they behave sweet When u find out they deny with their lives When u catch t...

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John Doe

Lond read. This story was shared with me last year but he asked me not to share. He has given his permission now. Please read to the e...

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Thirty | Meanie AU (filo) “30 years old.” “Anong 30 years old?” “Kapag single parin tayo by that time, tayo na ang magpakasal” “Gago ka ...

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