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Codie Sanchez

Anyone who says owning real estate is passive income has never owned real estate.

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Suzie Dawson

THREAD: After more than 6 months of watching people get scammed by the #QAnon phenomena, I'm going to make the below thread to explain ...

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Wokal Distance

@jennfrey I have been asking for some time what the actual solution to the problems of higher ed are. The suggestions you made here have...

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Joe Cassandra

T#11 HOW TO SAVE 90% ON YOUR MEDICAL BILLS Medical debt search is at all-time highs And with 3 (about to be 4) kids, a spouse and mysel...

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ysa. finals! 🎨

Never Not Love You a #heesun filo au — wherein Ezekiel Jaxx (lhs) met his favorite academic rival, Lecxis Sorin (ksn) again after a fe...

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• 2023 @phantom_ict Mentorship Episode 1 notes ✏️📖 1 ) Liquidity 2 ) Entry Model 3 ) Trade Examples 🧵

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ابنِ خان

.:Ottoman and Kurdish campaigns against Yazidis:. Religious verdicts which permitted fighting and enslaving Yazidis were issued by Sunni...

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ابنِ خان

What we learn from this is that such verdicts, fighting against, and enslavement of Yazidis is not a new phenomenon, rather this took pla...

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Abu Fatima

THREAD ☔ THE LEFT IS GOING TO LEGALIZE PEDOPHILIA! This is a very common talking point usually from the right wing "trads"/conservative...

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Pinakin Patel

કલેક્ટર મેડમ મેક અપ કેમ કરતા નથી..? મલાપુરમ જિલ્લાના કલેક્ટર શ્રીમતી રાની સોયામોઇનો વિદ્યાર્થીઓ સાથેનો વાર્તાલાપ.. તેઓ કાંડે માત્ર ઘડિયા...

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0 day exploit

Top google Dorking Thread 🧵:👇 Here is how to find sensitive data issues: 1) publicly exposed documents :- site:ext:doc | ext:docx |...

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ck is ia

meet me in amsterdam | jenlisa au – it was one sunday afternoon when Ashi received an email about a wedding invitation that will be held...

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